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Weed Control To Protect Your Meridian Lawn & Landscape

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The landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. offer premier weed control for your Meridian properties. Weed control is a great way to keep your landscaping project looking great. Working with the premier landscaping company in Meridian ensures you're getting great weed control that will help keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.

Weeds can stunt the growth of plants and grass in your lawn. They can also crowd out newly formed plants by stealing their nutrients. The best way to protect your lawn from weeds is to invest in a professional weed control service.

Weed control isn't just a one-time chemical application. Our weed control service includes weed removal, mulch application, and other weed control options. While removing weeds seems like the best option for weed control, it's only one step. Once you've removed the weeds, you need to ensure that area is kept weed-free. This can be done by planting new plants or by covering the area in mulch.

If you're looking for professional weed control for your properties, working with our experts is a great choice. We'll help create a professional lawn care plan so you can feel confident you're getting the best options for your landscaping. To learn more about how a professional landscaping company can help with your weed control project in Meridian, call Organic Solutions! Inc. today at 208-884-8986 and set up an appointment.

Stopping Invasive Weeds From Spreading

There are thousands of weed seeds in your soil. Only the first inch or two of soil typically grows these seeds into actual weeds. Digging and cultivating other plants can bring these seeds to the surface and start the germination process.

There are multiple ways to stop invasive weeds from spreading. The first is removing the weeds physically through weeding. The second is to chemically kill weeds. This process usually uses herbicides to break down the weeds. The last is through the local ecosystem. A professional can utilize local insects and other local means to stop weeds from growing.

Natural Weed Control

Natural weed control focuses on keeping harmful chemicals from your soil. The best way to naturally control weed growth is always digging by hand. The key to removing weeds by hand is to ensure you're getting the entire root system. This can be difficult, especially if your lawn is particularly dry.

Another natural weed control option is planting ground covers. Weeds tend to take hold in soil between your plants. A ground cover, such as clover, chamomile, and other plants, fills in these areas before weeds can. This practice helps to crowd out weeds with plants you can actually use.

If you're looking for natural weed control for your properties, our experts can help you come up with a natural weed control plan that inputs one or more of these options.

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