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Tree & Shrub Fertilization To Feed Your Merdian Trees & Bushes

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The landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. offer premier tree and shrub fertilization for your residential and commercial properties. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy includes both fertilization and other nutrients. By working with the premier landscaping company in Meridian, you can be sure you're getting the best tree and shrub fertilization options in the area.

Tree and shrub fertilization is a big part of your spring maintenance needs. Your trees and shrubs should be fertilized during early spring to help encourage growth. A light fertilizer can be applied in early summer if the weather is conducive to plant growth. If there's a drought, adding additional fertilizer can be damaging to your trees and shrubs.

You can also invest in tree and shrub fertilization in the fall. Experts recommend applying fertilizer either in late October or early November. The application of fertilizer in the fall helps your plants be hardier in the colder months by stimulating root growth.

Another great way to protect your plants is to invest in professional tree and shrub insect control. Tree and shrub fertilization is an important part of the growing season. However, insects can eat away at your plants and leave damage behind. By working with our experts, you can be sure your trees and shrubs are kept in great shape. To learn more about how the landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. can help with your Meridian tree and shrub fertilization project, call us today at 208-884-8986 and set up an appointment.

Feeding Trees & Bushes

Ensuring you're using the best fertilizer for your property can be difficult, especially if you have more than one type of tree or bush. Each type of plant requires a different fertilizer. Because of this, working with an expert is the best option for your tree and bush fertilization project.

Our experts will assess the trees and shrubs on your property to ensure you're getting the best fertilizer for your unique property. We also test the soil in your yard to see what nutrients might be missing. If you need help feeding trees and bushes on your properties, call our experts today to start on the fertilization process.

Organic Fertilization

Fertilizers can be made out of dozens of organic materials. Many farms and ranches gather livestock manure, agricultural waste, industrial waste, or municipal sludge. The organic fertilizers we use increase organic matter in the soil. This helps encourage tree and shrub growth by changing the chemical composition of the soil. To ensure you're getting the best organic fertilizer for your properties in Meridian, call our experts today to set up an appointment.

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