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A Full Complement Of Tree Services In Meridian: Spraying, Systemic Injections, & More

The landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. offer multiple tree services so you can feel confident you're getting the best options in Meridian. If you could use a helping hand when it comes to keeping your trees happy and healthy, you've come to the right place. Working with the premier landscaping company in Meridian ensures you're getting the best tree services in the area.

Our experts are trained to ensure your trees are given the best care possible. We assess the trees on your properties so we can offer prime, organic tree care. Preventative care is a great way to keep your trees healthy. We offer preventative care in the form of:

No matter what services you need for your trees, we can help. Our experts keep up to date on all the newest tree care options, so you know you're getting the best organic tree services for your residential and commercial properties.

Professional tree services are a great way to keep your landscaping beautiful and maintained. By working with a professional, you get the best care options for your unique property without breaking the bank. To learn more about how tree services can benefit your Meridian properties, call the landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. today at 208-884-8986 to set up an appointment today.

S trimming

Tree Trimming

Professional tree trimming cuts away infested or infected tree limbs to protect your trees from insects or disease. Working with a professional ensures you're getting the safest tree trimming options for your properties.

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S shrub

Shrub Pruning

Professional shrub pruning keeps your shrubs healthy and shaped. Our experts ensure we know what type of shrubs we're pruning so you can feel confident you're getting the best options for your unique property.

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S tcare

Tree Care

Keeping your trees healthy and growing is one of the biggest parts of your maintenance project. By investing in professional tree care, you're getting the best options for fertilization, tree trimming, and more.

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S injections

Systemic Injections

Systemic injections are a great, thorough way to ensure your trees and shrubs are protected against insects and disease. Systemic injections utilize the vascular system of your plants to move insecticides and pest control products throughout every limb and leaf of your plants.

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S spraying

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying is better for smaller, younger trees because the spray is focused on the exterior of your trees. The chemicals used in our tree spraying option are all organic to ensure you aren't damaging the rest of your property throughout the tree spraying project.

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S shrubc

Tree & Shrub Insect Control

Insects are the most damaging pests for your trees and shrubs. Tree and shrub insect control utilizes eco-friendly insecticides and pest control products to keep harmful pests away from your trees and shrubs.

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S shrubf

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree and shrub fertilization utilizes organic materials to create nutrients in the soil and encourage growth. Our experts use agricultural waste, livestock manure, industrial waste, and municipal sludge to fertilize your trees and shrubs so you can feel confident you don't need to worry about harmful chemicals in your fertilizers.

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