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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?

Your lawn care program provides scheduled visits with inspection, fertilization, crabgrass prevention, and broadleaf weed controls we determine are best for your lawn. Some items can only be treated effectively during certain times of the season. We will schedule your service visits at the best time, so your lawn receives the greatest benefit. Some unwanted weeds can only be treated with specialty products (For example Nutsedge). For Gold and Silver packages treatment of these difficult weeds are included in your pricing. Other very specific items such as treatment of Bent grass are not included in any of our packages.

Your tree/shrub care program provides scheduled visits including inspection, fertilizer, dormant oil, insect control, and/or prevention (based on services you choose). Control and preventative products are used on an as needed or as expected basis, so all plant material may not be treated at each visit.

What if I still have weeds in my lawn?

Allow 14-21 days and if the weeds aren’t wilting, please call our office. Service calls are free of charge in our Silver and Gold programs. If you have chosen our Bronze program, any weeds remaining will be treated at your next visit. Some types of weeds are more difficult to kill than others. Certain types of weeds may take multiple applications to kill. Depending on the variety of weeds you have, what time of the season you started your lawn care, and the current weather will all play a role in how quickly we can get control of your weeds. Most types of weed killer are ineffective over 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The most effective times of the year for weed control are spring and fall. If you started your lawn care program mid-summer effective weed control will likely not take place until the fall.

Will you call before you come out?

We will mail/email you your schedule for the entire season. So, we do not ordinarily contact you ahead of treatments as they have been prescheduled. If you prefer, we will make every attempt to contact you in advance. If we are unable to reach you, we will proceed with your scheduled treatment.

How do I pay my bill? What if I want to cancel?

You may prepay your service before March 1st at a discount, or if you prefer at each visit with a check. Credit card payments can be made through our website or over the phone at our office number. A 3% processing fee will be added for all credit card transactions. You will receive an invoice at each visit showing the current status of your account. Unless prepaid, your payment is due on receipt of invoice. Accounts over 30 days will be charged a minimum of $20 statement fee or the maximum allowable interest rate, whichever is greater. Each service visit must be paid in full before your next visit can be made. If your account becomes 90 days past due it will be forwarded to collection.

Each year, you will receive a renewal letter listing your scheduled services. You will have the opportunity to prepay your program with a discount. Your service agreement remains in effect for 1 year and renews automatically for successive 1-year terms thereafter. You may cancel your service anytime by written or oral notice. Oral notice must be given through our office phone number. If your account has an outstanding balance, it will need to be paid with your cancellation notice. **Prepaid services are non-refundable.

Are your products safe?

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and use organic products as often as possible. We use only top quality professional products that have been registered by the EPA for use on home lawns and apply them in strict accordance with manufacturer instruction and state and federal law. We are licensed by the State of Idaho and our internal education standards exceed those set by the State. On your written request, we will provide information that lists products being applied including brand names and MSDS sheets. We will occasionally use products that need to be watered in and you agree to follow instructions left at time of each treatment. A flag may be posted in a conspicuous location at time of service.

What can I expect?

Your lawns response to our program is dependent on a variety of factors. The condition prior to starting our service, its age, soil type, shade/sun exposure, and your mowing and watering practices are all conditions influencing the success of your program. Mowing and watering issues are the 2 most common. Mowing and watering instructions can be found on our website. Organic Solutions! Inc. will provide continuous care, ongoing, instruction, and proper nutrition. Our treatments will minimize weeds and insects in your lawn. Over time and with your help, we will build and maintain a healthy lawn and/or landscape plant material.

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