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Organic Solutions! Inc. is the professional landscaping company in Meridian. Our experts work to ensure you're getting the best lawn care options. We want to ensure you're getting all the landscaping and tree care you might need. Whether you need a new landscape design or routine maintenance for your current design, we can help.

Organic lawn care can help deter disease and pests in your lawn in Meridian. Lawn mowing and fertilization help create a safe environment for your grass to grow. A thick bed of grass can crowd out weeds. Keeping your grass healthy and thick also helps to fight against pests.

Another way to protect your landscaping is to invest in professional shrub pruning and tree trimming. The pruning and trimming projects in Meridian cutaway diseases, dying branches, and infested areas on your shrubs and trees. Routine pruning and trimming can also help encourage your tree canopies to grow thicker.

Whether you're looking for tree spraying or systemic tree injections, we can help fight against the local tree diseases in Meridian. No matter what landscaping needs you have, we can help by offering professional care for your properties. To learn more about how a professional landscaping company like Organic Solutions! Inc. can help keep your properties in Meridian clean and healthy, call 208-884-8986 today to speak to our experts.

Shrub Pruning In Meridian

Shrub pruning is a great way to ensure your Meridian properties are kept looking great. Pruning away diseased limbs, limbs that stick out onto the walkways near your property, and keeping additional limbs growing strong helps your shrubs stay healthy. It also helps keep your property free of dangerous plant life. There are multiple different options to prune your shrubs. These include:

  • Heading Back
  • Renewal
  • Rejuvenation
  • Shearing

To learn more about which shrub pruning option is best for your Meridian home or business, call our experts today and set up an appointment.

Meridian Premier Tree Trimming For Your Properties

Meridian tree trimming is a great way to keep your properties looking great. Trees of different ages benefit from different kinds of trimming. Young trees benefit more from crown thinning and reduction, while older trees may benefit more from dead pruning or crown lifting.

The best part of a tree trimming project is that it can also help to expose disease and insect infestations. If a branch or two shows signs of disease, these branches can be removed to keep your trees healthy. The overall health of your trees is the goal of a tree trimming project. Not only does this process remove any damaged branches, but it also increases sun exposure and nutrients for the branches left behind.

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