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Systemic Tree Injections For Extended Tree Protection In Meridian

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The landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. offer systemic tree injections for your properties in Meridian. Keeping your trees healthy is an integral part of your lawn care project. By working with the top-rated landscaping company in Meridian, you can be sure your trees will have extended protection from bugs, disease, and more.

Systemic tree injections help ensure your trees are protected throughout the year. Tree injections use the vascular system of trees to move chemicals through the wood and leaves. These chemicals help to protect against attacks. If bugs or larvae land on the tree and eat from the leaves or bark, these bugs will eventually die.

The best part of our systemic tree injections is that they're cheaper than investing in tree spraying when it comes to larger, older trees. The protection you get from systemic tree injections ensures that your trees are protected and safe throughout the year. If your trees are smaller or younger, it might be cheaper to invest in tree spraying. Our experts can help determine which protective service is best for your properties.

To learn more about how systemic tree injections can help protect your properties, call Organic Solutions! Inc. at 208-884-8986 to speak to our landscaping experts.

Tree Pesticide Injection

Pesticides protect plants and trees from various insects, pests, and diseases. One of the best ways to protect the trees on your property is to invest in tree pesticide injection. Our experts inject your larger, older trees with pesticides so the tree's vascular system can move the pesticide into every branch and leaf.

Tree pesticide injection is one of the most thorough ways to protect your trees. Unlike spraying, there aren't any areas that can be missed. If done correctly, tree pesticide injections will protect your trees for months to come.

Identifying Tree Pests

Choosing a pesticide depends on the type of tree pests your property suffers from. The best way to start your systemic tree injections is to identify tree pests. If you've noticed leaves with holes or chewed edges, white spots on your trees and shrubs, or holes in the bark of your trees, it's likely your property is suffering from tree pests or disease.

Many different insects will chew through the leaves or bark of your trees. These pests leave behind skeletonized leaves with dozens of holes. Another common tree pest can be identified by white spots. These white spots aren't mold or algae; they are thousands of tiny white bugs. No matter what pests you notice, our experts can help. We'll help identify the pests making their home on your property. Then, we'll help you choose the best pesticide for your unique issues.

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