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Organic Solutions! Inc. is the premier landscaping company in Nampa and the surrounding area. We work with you to either help maintain or redesign your landscaping. The best way to work with an organic landscaping company for your lawn care is to work with us to create natural preventative blocks for things like weeds, insects, and diseases.

A professional landscaping company can help you come up with dozens of different options for your landscaping design. The best way to fight against weeds, insects, and diseases is to ensure your lawn is kept healthy and thick. Thick grass, or thick vegetation in a garden, helps to ensure weeds don't germinate. The grass blocks necessary sunlight and moisture from getting to the weed seeds and ensures fewer seeds germinate.

This can also help trees and shrubs. Tree trimming and shrub pruning cut away damaged and diseased branches to help ensure the rest of the tree or shrub stays healthy. Shaping for trees and shrubs can help ensure fuller canopies and keep your plants healthier for longer.

Additional protection from tree spraying, insect control, or systemic tree injections can help keep your landscaping healthy. Our experts will custom tailor organic landscaping with other protective options, so you know you're getting the best options in Nampa. To learn more about our professional landscaping company and how we can help with your lawn care needs in Nampa, call the experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. today at 208-884-8986.

Top 4 Organic Fertilizers For Your Nampa Properties

Organic fertilizer is an important part of your landscaping project. There are 4 top organic fertilizers that can be used to keep your properties growing strong. These options are:

  • Agricultural Waste
  • Livestock Manure
  • Industrial Waste
  • Municipal Sludge

Agricultural waste and livestock manure are the most common types of organic fertilizers. The best reason to use agricultural waste and livestock manure as fertilizer is that it can help reduce environmental pollution and increase the quantity and quality of your plant growth. Our experts will assess the needs of your property to help figure out which of these fertilizers is best for your Nampa properties.

Organic Pest Control For Nampa

Our experts can help you determine what kind of pests have found their way onto your property, how they're getting in, and then we'll help determine the best preventative measures for your property to help ensure an infestation never happens again. We use organic solutions to get rid of your pest problem before moving on to set up preventative measures.

If you're looking for organic pest control in Nampa, call the landscaping experts at Organic Solutions! Inc. today and set up an appointment.

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