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Protecting & Beautifying Your Property With Landscape Drainage

Landscape drainage

Choosing the best Meridian landscaping company is the smart way to get the right landscape drainage system for your property. Locals know that Organic Solutions! Inc. is the team to trust for anything related to your lawn and landscaping needs.

Establishing the perfect lawn is difficult enough, but sometimes the more challenging work comes from keeping it that way. Issues with your drainage can spell big trouble for an otherwise healthy lawn. Some severe drainage issues can even lead to flooding in your home and problems with your foundation.

Our job is to help local homeowners take good care of their lawns and landscaping, especially when it could affect their homes. Let us provide property care and solutions to ensure that you have the healthy lawn and beautiful yard you've always wanted. If you need landscape drainage, call us today.

Getting The Help You Need From Our Landscaping Experts

Designing, installing, and maintaining landscaping is a demanding job but worth the rewards. Savvy homeowners realize the value of leaving this type of work to the pros. Of course, this includes letting industry experts intervene when a problem arises.

Landscape drainage is often necessary to prevent or resolve an existing issue. The four primary types of drainage for landscaping include:

  • French Drains - The ideal solution for redirecting the flow of water in areas where the ground often gets saturated.
  • Channel Drains - Channel drains collect water before it pools on pavement, then redirects it to a proper drainage system before water takes over the landscaping.
  • Catch Basins - This type of yard drain acts similar to a sewer by catching excess water on the surface and redirecting it.
  • Dry Wells - Dry wells collect excess water until it can naturally percolate into the ground instead of redirecting it to a more extensive drainage system.

Organic Solutions! Inc. Has The Solution For Your Drainage Issues

The perfect drainage solution often requires the combination of a couple of these, and you can rest assured that Organic Solutions! Inc. will devise the right system for your yard. Call us in Meridian when you need expert advice for landscape drainage.

We look forward to working with you and helping you resolve your drainage concerns. Together, we want to assist you so you can finally have the perfect yard for the home of your dreams.

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